StraItalian winemakers : Quintessential Italy, with a difference
One of its flagship lines may well be called ‘crazy bottle’ – aka Bocciamatta in Italian – but StraItalian Winemakers and its managing director Gaetano Peragine have their feet firmly on, and in, the ground.
Lalande-de-Pomerol, Libourne’s well-guarded secret
A treasure hidden by its neighbouring appellation, Lalande-de-Pomerol shows stunning potential and a unique rendition of Merlot. Despite its proximity to the illustrious Pomerol appellation, it is often sidelined on Bordeaux’s wine scene. This does not stop the winegrowers who put their heart and soul into growing vines here, however, from crafting wines that display undeniable quality. We spoke to some of them to find out more.
Spanish rosés excel in export markets
Although some Spanish wine regions have traditionally produced rosés, there is no denying that the reputation of pink wines has never equalled that of the country’s reds or whites. But the winds of change are blowing, lifting the outlook for rosés. Increasingly, bodegas are embracing the huge potential for this style of wine, when it is crafted with care.
Bulgaria: a new chapter for wine
Change is afoot in the vineyards of Bulgaria, after many years of soul-searching. As the country re-emerges on the international wine scene, we take a closer look at the potential of its native grapes, which thrive alongside its well-established collection of international varietals.
South Africa celebrates its success with Sauvignon Blanc
A global consumer lauds Sauvignon Blanc, and South Africa excels without regional constraints. The myriad styles produced here attest to its potential and exceptional ageability as passionate producers embrace the contrasting landscapes to make mystifying to boastfully aromatic wines with a burgeoning following from both ends. Hence, Sauvignon Blanc remains the country's top-selling and most exported cultivar.
Bourgogne Village, terroir with an affordable price tag
It is sometimes tempting to think that Burgundy is all about its revered giants, and nothing else. Its Chambertins, Montrachets and Cortons, all those ruinously expensive labels that are not only reserved for an elite audience, but also totally impossible to lay your hands on. Or at best, its Meursault and Gevrey Chambertin Premiers Crus, that are barely more affordable. But no, the ‘Village’ appellation level provides the perfect solution for those who want to drink very good wines, without breaking the bank. And if you’re prepared to spend some time searching – they are only produced on a boutique scale – some of them even have extremely affordable price tags. We dive deep into some classic offerings for enlightened enthusiasts, and a genuine treasure trove for the geeky browsers.
John and Olivia: Great minds drink alike
Olivia and John were friends both on and off-screen. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the romantic musical comedy ‘Grease’ in 1978, when they got us all dancing and singing to its catchy score. When they got together to talk about “the carefree times of their youth”, these talented artists would often do so over a glass of wine. A drink the duo loved to indulge in, just like some old-school rock…