Víssimo, the Brazilian champion
E-commerce wine sales are posting strong growth worldwide but their development is perhaps most spectacular in Brazil. Traditionally, Brazilians show little enthusiasm when it comes to drinking wine, but in just a few years – since the pandemic – the country has become the world’s third largest online wine market, after the United States and China. This small revolution is partly due to the sector’s dynamic and innovative stakeholders, which include Víssimo. The company is one of the largest wine e-tailers in Latin America, through its Evino platform, and is also one of the biggest importers of international wine in the Brazilian market after buying major Brazilian importer and wine merchant Grand Cru in 2021.
Sarah Jessica Parker’s heart beats for Sauvignon!
The former Sex and the City icon has undeniably left a lasting impression on television. Who doesn’t remember Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw, the successful journalist with a penchant for fashion and designer shoes, looking for trouble-free love in the Big Apple? The American star has added another string to her bow, partnering with a New Zealand winery in 2019 to launch ‘Invivo X, SJP’, a Sauvignon blanc which she created and whose sales have soared to dizzying heights matched only by the Empire State Building…
The new premium Champagne trend
The legendary Champagne is celebrated worldwide and epitomises French winemaking excellence. Among the high-end offerings geared to quality, brands and winegrowers have broadened their standard range to include unique labels that showcase both terroir and the art of winegrowing.
How supply constraints are prompting Cava to reinvent itself
Over the past few years, Cava has been dazzling consumers in the international marketplace, even managing to outshine Prosecco and Champagne. But this year, its producers have had to cope with extreme drought conditions causing an unprecedented decline in crop volumes which are threatening output and volume sales. This challenging situation has led the appellation’s bodegas to contemplate a range of strategies to help them overcome the shortfall, but also redefine their actions in the future.
How Bordeaux is saving its globally renowned heritage
In France’s Bordeaux wine region, a sea-change is occurring. Faced with an unprecedented crisis worsened by Covid-19 and overproduction, the winegrowers of Bordeaux are navigating through choppy waters. However, financial difficulties and the need for innovation are galvanising both brands and chateaux into action in a bid to reshape the future of the wine market.
Edoardo Freddi A next-generation global business enabler for fine Italian wines
From its base in Castiglione delle Stiviere, South of Lake Garda in northern Italy, Edoardo Freddi has grown into a multi-million-bottle operation in just a decade. We asked its founder, Edoardo Freddi, how he has achieved such head-turning success and where he sees the future for Italian wine.
From Côtes du Rhône to Where Goats Do Roam: Exploring the Rhône Style Wines of South Africa
Some say Shiraz, some say Syrah. That is the catchy tagline that the Shiraz Association of South Africa has adopted to illustrate how the styles produced here oscillate between the Old and the New World. Some wine-producing countries might even find themselves glancing enviously at the southern tip of Africa, where diverse award-winning Rhône-style wines are proudly catapulted into the world from its continental, coastal, and Mediterranean climates.