Roussette, Savoy’s star grape variety
The snow-capped peaks and ski slopes in winter make way for sunshine and hiking in the summer across the steep mountain landscapes. This picture-postcard image recalls the most memorable moments spent in these unspoilt surroundings. Savoy’s vineyards are unique and can be likened to one big garden where the soils mirror the significant changes in geology, from the birth of the Alps to the emergence of part of the Jura mountain range.
Greetings from Nebbiolo
Talking about Italian grape varieties is in some ways like a never-ending litany, such is their number in the winegrowing cradle of Western Europe. But Nebbiolo is not just another grape variety, it undeniably holds a special place.
Alsace and its protean vineyard sites
It is probably one of the only examples of its kind in the wine industry. Alsace is virtually entirely geared to producing single varietal wines, spanning an endless array of styles and characters due to the countless vineyard sites that mesh with the different grape varieties.
Rioja still as vibrant as ever
This historic Spanish wine region was long the country’s leading light. Established in 1925 and currently one of only two Denominación de Origen Calificada, along with Priorat, it continues to shine brightly and is showing no signs of weakness.
Sangiovese, the star of chianti
There is no denying that this long-standing Italian wine region – whose boundaries were defined aeons ago, in fact it was one of the first to do so – draws its quality and reputation from its vineyard sites, its landscapes and even its ‘dolce vita’, steeped in art and culture.
Rive, the jewels in Prosecco’s crown
This Italian sparkling wine has won over the hearts, and palates, of Europe and beyond. Its soft texture, intense aromas and creamy effervescence offer instant appeal, not to mention the ease with which it slips into cocktails.
Champagne reverts back to the fundamentals
The time when Champagne production was limited to the basic range staples that are ‘brut’, ‘demi-sec’ and rosé is long gone.