The French beer scene sees a profusion of new brands and styles
Over the past few years, the number of newly-established craft breweries in France has grown exponentially. These boutique companies have joined a market cornered by the international behemoths and a clutch of long-standing breweries. The trend dovetails with new consumer patterns and has introduced products running the gamut in terms of colours and brewing techniques. We take a closer look.
Chile, the world for a market
The South American country is the world's fourth largest wi ne exporter and leader among the New World wine countries, fuelled by the export culture of its wine producers, the active role of export promotion agencies, and free trade agreements with more than 65 countries.
Soave, Where tradition and biodiversity are rising to the challenges of the future
The Soave vineyard hills were recently included among the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems sites and are one of the main production areas for Italian white wine. Home to the appellation’s signature grape Garganega, along with Trebbiano di Soave, the region is unique in terms of tradition and biodiversity. We drill down on its specifics.
Provence, its outstanding wines and must-visit locations
Provence is a mecca for tourists with a wide range of scenery from the Southern Alps to the Mediterranean coastline. It enhances its vineyard-clad rolling hills and olive gloves by offering a choice of wine tourism solutions in an enchanting setting. We take a closer look at the most beautiful spots in Provence, which also happen to produce excellent wines…
Bodegas Criadores de Rioja, the art of balance
Founded just over 25 years ago in response to increased demand for Rioja wines internationally, family-run bodega Criadores de Rioja has always kept a watchful eye on overseas markets. Its wines encapsulate a fusion of tradition and modernity and the winery has successfully kept abreast of changing demand and consumer patterns. With its appeal continuing to extend way beyond national borders, it offers a fine illustration of the vitality of this famous Spanish appellation and its ability to reinvent itself.
Champagne co-operative wineries: strength in numbers
Producing your own wine is a challenging task where seemingly trivial choices can rapidly become consequential. Winegrowers’ character traits can come into sharper focus and before Champagne becomes an art form, it requires technical skills. Joining forces to produce it may seem like a tall order, but the reality belies this assumption. Co-operative wineries account for a sizeable chunk of production and have met with significant success. To find out more, we questioned six co-operatives producing different styles of Champagne from different areas.
Chianti and Chianti Classico, so near and yet so far apart
Chianti is probably the best-known ‘brand’ of Italian wine in the world, but not everyone knows its historical roots and the differences between the various designations, starting with Chianti and Chianti Classico. These are two different Docgs and Chianti Classico is not a sub-region of Chianti, but a separate area with different production regulations and a separate consortium.