Anjou and Saumur white wines, or Chenin in all its glory
At the crossroads between Brittany and France’s more continental regions, Anjou certainly did not draw the short straw. Its vineyards, divided between what is commonly referred to as black schist-clad Anjou and its white limestone alter ego, thrive along and around the banks of the Loire and its tributaries the Thouet, Layon and Aubance. Over 2,000 winegrowers call the area home, and have often done so for generations, producing every style of wine, both still and sparkling.
SPIRITS How Armagnac, Cognac and gin are reinventing themselves
In a spirits market with no shortage of products, Armagnac, Cognac and gin have successfully leveraged their assets and capitalised on their strong reputation. With a firm focus on the future, their range is constantly being bolstered by quality offerings that align with current consumer trends.
Malbec, the signature varietal that put Argentina on the world stage
In just over 30 years, Malbec has catapulted Argentina into the competitive international world of wines. It arrived in the South American country in the 1850s and subsequently managed to avoid the ravages caused by phylloxera in France, thus preserving its original genetics. Fast forward to 2022, and it accounted for 56% of Argentina’s total wine exports.
Wines with a story to tell Sigva AB’s motto is doing business with a sharp mind, a warm heart and no elbows. MD Pauline Wærn explains more.
Moro Group “Careful selection and long-term cooperation”
Giertz Vinimport, The only way is up
Giertz Vinimport was founded in 1982 by teachers, and wine enthusiasts, Martin and Sara Giertz. Since then, the company has witnessed the demise of Sweden’s import monopoly Vin & Sprit, but not its distribution monopoly, and it has now risen through the ranks to become the leading supplier of wine to Systembolaget.
Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg, a story of heroic viticulture and ‘Rive’
Forty-three certified areas are entitled to use the quality statement Rive in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco region. This entitlement comes with specific restrictions, such as harvesting by hand and a cap on yields. We take a closer look at what the designation, which refers to the steep vineyard sites, implies for Prosecco wines.