Loire Reds - A deep-rooted sense of authenticity
Let’s be honest – there are no superstar red wines from the Loire Valley. No local equivalent of the Rhone’s Côte-Rôtie or Bordeaux’s Saint-Emilion. But what there is, is a profusion of talent.
Pinotage, South Africa’s darling grape
Bright color, light salmon pink. Inviting nose combining small red fruits, hints of fresh tobacco, and dried herbs. Lively palate focusing on intense and seductive fruit, with a crisp and joyful style. Enjoyable to taste at the table.
Navarre, where grenache reigns supreme
Independent through to the 16th century, the Kingdom of Navarre was established in 824 by the Vascones, the ancestors of the present-day Basques.
Aragon scales the heights of quality
This much-coveted region located in the north of present-day Spain has been invaded multiple times, by assailants travelling from Africa, Northern and Eastern Europe.
Journey to the heart of Provence
If I had to mention one region, this would be it. Provence belongs to a clutch of wine regions where a glamorous image fuelled by sunshine, blue skies and sea spray in actual fact belies the reality out on the ground.
Italy is tippled pink !
Probably unwittingly, Italy has overlooked its rosé wines for many years, buoyed by its plethora of widely exported, talented reds that have secured its reputation across the globe. Who could claim never to have ordered a bottle of Chianti in a trattoria ?
Crus Bourgeois reach for the sky
A category of Bordeaux wine reserved for the Médoc, Crus Bourgeois in some ways live in the shadow of the 1855-classifed Grands Crus. In actual fact, though, their origins stem from the same source.