Wines with a story to tell Sigva AB’s motto is doing business with a sharp mind, a warm heart and no elbows. MD Pauline Wærn explains more.
Moro Group “Careful selection and long-term cooperation”
Giertz Vinimport, The only way is up
Giertz Vinimport was founded in 1982 by teachers, and wine enthusiasts, Martin and Sara Giertz. Since then, the company has witnessed the demise of Sweden’s import monopoly Vin & Sprit, but not its distribution monopoly, and it has now risen through the ranks to become the leading supplier of wine to Systembolaget.
Cantine Volpi from' osteria' to cutting-edge Piedmont advocate
Cantine Volpi is the epitome of what Italy does best – fusing native grape varieties and tradition with innovative winemaking techniques and astute marketing. Fifth-generation winegrower Marco Volpi pinpoints some of the landmark moments in the company’s 100-year history, and details its plans for the future.
Anora, the birth of a wine and spirits giant
You may not have heard of Anora yet, but since 2021 the company has become the new leader in beverage alcohol across the Nordic countries. Specialising in the production, import, export and distribution of wines and spirits, it is on track to become a global sales powerhouse. Its rapid growth compels admiration, as do its innovative, high-performance initiatives including the creation of some mould-breaking brands.
StraItalian winemakers : Quintessential Italy, with a difference
One of its flagship lines may well be called ‘crazy bottle’ – aka Bocciamatta in Italian – but StraItalian Winemakers and its managing director Gaetano Peragine have their feet firmly on, and in, the ground.
Bodegas Criadores de Rioja, the art of balance
Founded just over 25 years ago in response to increased demand for Rioja wines internationally, family-run bodega Criadores de Rioja has always kept a watchful eye on overseas markets. Its wines encapsulate a fusion of tradition and modernity and the winery has successfully kept abreast of changing demand and consumer patterns. With its appeal continuing to extend way beyond national borders, it offers a fine illustration of the vitality of this famous Spanish appellation and its ability to reinvent itself.