Stars and Wine

Lily Collins: women have taken ownership of wine
34-year-old Lily Collins is the daughter of Genesis frontman Phil Collins. She is also an actress and the heroine of ‘Emily in Paris’, a series that has achieved global success and provided a showcase for the French luxury goods industry, for its fashion, gastronomy and its most iconic wines…
Sarah Jessica Parker’s heart beats for Sauvignon!
The former Sex and the City icon has undeniably left a lasting impression on television. Who doesn’t remember Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw, the successful journalist with a penchant for fashion and designer shoes, looking for trouble-free love in the Big Apple? The American star has added another string to her bow, partnering with a New Zealand winery in 2019 to launch ‘Invivo X, SJP’, a Sauvignon blanc which she created and whose sales have soared to dizzying heights matched only by the Empire State Building…
Michael Douglas: “I discovered and learned to enjoy wine in France”
There’s no denying that at 79, Michael Douglas could be enjoying a well-deserved retirement, relaxing on the white sand beaches beneath the coconut trees or sipping rosé after a game of golf in the Bahamas. Given his successful career and countless box office hits, nobody would have held it against him. But that’s not who the prolific and tireless offspring of Kirk – aka Spartacus – is. More active than ever, he should soon feature in a biopic on Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. In the meantime, let’s raise a toast to this lover of fine fare and most Francophile of stars!
John and Olivia: Great minds drink alike
Olivia and John were friends both on and off-screen. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the romantic musical comedy ‘Grease’ in 1978, when they got us all dancing and singing to its catchy score. When they got together to talk about “the carefree times of their youth”, these talented artists would often do so over a glass of wine. A drink the duo loved to indulge in, just like some old-school rock…
Drew Barrymore: “A day without pasta, bread and wine is just unimaginable!”
Since she first appeared on the big screen in ‘E.T.’ by Steven Spielberg – she was just seven at the time – Drew Barrymore has played multiple roles in her life. But there is one that she takes very seriously and that is as winemaker…
Tim Burton: From gothic fantasy to epicurean reality
Last October, Tim Burton received the prestigious Prix Lumière which is awarded annually in Lyon to leading cinema personalities. The American director, who has produced some of the greatest masterpieces of the film industry, from ‘Batman’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, discovered the Capital of Gaul, its gastronomy and the region’s wines.
Cameron Diaz: From acting to making wine
For the erstwhile heroine of ‘The Mask’, ‘Charlie's Angels’ and ‘Something about Mary’, cinema is a thing of the past. After choosing to distance herself from a world of make-believe and rediscover a taste for the simpler things, it was only natural that Cameron Diaz should turn to producing wine. And just like the California belle herself, her wine certainly has character.