Stars and Wine

Sarah Jessica Parker’s heart beats for Sauvignon!

The former Sex and the City icon has undeniably left a lasting impression on television. Who doesn’t remember Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw, the successful journalist with a penchant for fashion and designer shoes, looking for trouble-free love in the Big Apple? The American star has added another string to her bow, partnering with a New Zealand winery in 2019 to launch ‘Invivo X, SJP’, a Sauvignon blanc which she created and whose sales have soared to dizzying heights matched only by the Empire State Building…

Are you the kind of star likely to spend a lot of money on outstanding wines?

No! I come from a family where every dollar counted, which meant, as you can imagine, that my parents had to be extremely strict about managing money. There was no room for anything needless. I can still hear my mother saying, “Sorry, there won’t be any Christmas presents this year”. Even though we would assure her that we understood, deep down we were frustrated. So I have money sense. I don’t spend money without due consideration. Regarding wine, experience has taught me that you can find top quality wines at affordable prices!


Is that why you teamed up with New Zealand company Invivo Wines?

I got to know the company through a friend. The winery’s executives sent my husband and I a few bottles. Without knowing it, we were already drinking their wines and had been enjoying them for a long time. In Ireland, where we spend part of the year, the grocery store near our house was well-stocked with Invivo wines, but we hadn’t put the two together. In New York wine merchants, wines from around the world are often grouped by country. The New Zealand section was becoming increasingly large and more importantly would sell out quickly. So I figured the island produced quality wines.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has partnered with Invino Wines to produce this sauvignon label that is extremely popular in the united states. 



What part do you play in this joint-venture?

I took part in every stage of winemaking for this Sauvignon blanc produced in Te Kauwhata, a winery that is over 120 years old. That goes from the name, Invivo X, SJP, to the label design through winemaking and blending of the wine which is a resounding success. You may know this already, but our New Zealand Sauvignon blanc is currently the most popular wine with Americans! It’s also among those that have won the most awards!


So now you know everything there is to know about wines produced on the other side of the world by Kiwi winegrowers…

I didn’t used to know as much as I do now. I still have so much to learn about this exciting industry! I’m still at the stage where I’m all ears and I ‘lap up’ every word that the people who managed to turn this drink into a unique flavour experience say!


You once said to me that drinking wine could have some health benefits…

Since I read that drinking wine helps digestion – mainly due to the occurrence of certain acids – I have felt so much better. Apparently, wine can even protect you against certain vascular diseases. Basically, I don’t know how much is fact and how much is fiction, but it certainly works great for me!