South America goes sparkling
Sparkling wines are beginning to make festive noises in South America and are rippling outwards to global markets. Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador are witnessing new developments that deserve a toast.
The way to a German wine drinker’s heart
Germany is considered to be a notoriously difficult market in the consumer arena. In the 1990s, supermarket chains Migros (Switzerland), Delhaize (Belgium/USA) and Intermarché (France) successively attempted to enter the German market. Without success. Discount prices by rival companies and brand loyalty among German consumers proved to be insurmountable obstacles. But what about the Germans' taste in wine? Perhaps there is an opening for exporters, especially as domestic production, at 9 million hectolitres, only accounts for just under half of what Germans drink each year. So which wines do Germans prefer? Gilbert & Gaillard asked the experts in Germany.
Roussette, Savoy’s star grape variety
The snow-capped peaks and ski slopes in winter make way for sunshine and hiking in the summer across the steep mountain landscapes. This picture-postcard image recalls the most memorable moments spent in these unspoilt surroundings. Savoy’s vineyards are unique and can be likened to one big garden where the soils mirror the significant changes in geology, from the birth of the Alps to the emergence of part of the Jura mountain range.
How Portugal has achieved outstanding international success
Last February, over 150 Portuguese exhibitors took part in the fifth Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, underscoring just how significant Portugal has become in the international wine arena. Long focused on their domestic market, the country’s wine producers have garnered global acclaim and exports have risen accordingly. Frederico Falcão, chairman of Wines of Portugal, along with representatives from three Portuguese companies explain how this small wine revolution came about.
Frederico Falcáo: “Portuguese wines are a world of difference”
We interviewed the chairman of Wines of Portugal, Frederico Falcáo, to gain a better understanding of the country's wine scene and the major milestones in its recent development.
How supply constraints are prompting Cava to reinvent itself
Over the past few years, Cava has been dazzling consumers in the international marketplace, even managing to outshine Prosecco and Champagne. But this year, its producers have had to cope with extreme drought conditions causing an unprecedented decline in crop volumes which are threatening output and volume sales. This challenging situation has led the appellation’s bodegas to contemplate a range of strategies to help them overcome the shortfall, but also redefine their actions in the future.
A wine tasting safari in Greece Wines of Greece - Unique Proposal
The wines of Greece, an exciting and exceptional option for those willing to explore beyond the commonplace. I suggest you do not miss out the opportunity. Follow us to a wine tasting safari in Greece!