Montalcino, the ‘promised land’ for Sangiovese in Tuscany.
Brunello di Montalcino is, without doubt, one of the most significant designations both in Italy and worldwide, but few people know its history.
Puglia and its wine revolution
Puglia is one of the regions in southern Italy which has carved out a reputation for itself in recent years for both its quality and its identity, drawing on a winning combination of both native and international grape varieties.
Prosecco in the pink of health
A combination of confidence and reticence, foresight and respect for tradition, Prosecco Rosé was born in 2020. The pink version of Prosecco, with its own regulations, joins existing white versions of DOC Prosecco produced since 2009, namely Prosecco Frizzante, Spumante and Tranquillo.
Mother Nature sets the trends
In South Africa, most new planting material is not being chosen on the basis of fashion or novelty but rather because it is best for local climate conditions – and climate change.
Perfected by time
From modest beginnings half a century ago, Cap Classique is now the fastest-growing wine category in South Africa, exploding not only in terms of quantity but also in effervescent quality.
The Heart and Soul of Cape Wine
Boasting a 350-year history of brandy production and a wealth of award-winning brands, South Africa’s premium distillers are confident that Cape Brandy can finally emerge from the shadow of Cognac.
Cider: a whole host of choices waiting to be discovered
Ciders are the perfect match for current drinking trends. Great for socialising, relatively low in alcohol, inexpensive and less mired in the pomp and circumstance that accompany wine tasting, they attract a wider clientele. Nine prominent French cider firms explain why.