Kyle MacLachlan: actor and producer… of wine!
Over 30 years ago, the ‘Twin Peaks’ legend was born. Today, the mystery/horror/drama dreamt up by writer Mark Frost and director David Lynch remains as enthralling as ever! The unconventional beauty of Kyle MacLachlan, alias FBI agent Dale Cooper, and the haunting music composed by Angelo Badalamenti probably have a lot to do with it.
War of the Rosés
The wine regions of Provence, Corsica, the Rhone Valley and Languedoc have never had it so good in terms of reputation, but the real news is that the South of France is increasingly diversifying its wine styles. And in this particular battle, rosé is gaining even more traction.
Wines Overland: the gateway to Asia-Pacific for European wines
Philippe Carrant and Michael Rogers are two like-minded partners who created Wines Overland to help European winegrowers export their wines to the Asia-Pacific region.
Montalcino, the ‘promised land’ for Sangiovese in Tuscany.
Brunello di Montalcino is, without doubt, one of the most significant designations both in Italy and worldwide, but few people know its history.
AMKA GROUP : Looking to the long-term
What started off in 1978 as a hobby for Anna-Marie and Karsten Søndergaard, who sold wines to friends and family from their garage in a small village in Denmark, has evolved into a multi-million-bottle business spanning 9 North European countries. Their son and current AMKA CEO Frank Søndergaard outlines the company’s ethos and growth prospects across the region.
Crémant de Bourgogne: When fizz is the bizz
World renowned grape varieties, fruit grown over a mosaic of vineyard sites and particularly high standards are some of the defining features of Crémant de Bourgogne, recognised as an appellation since 1975. They have helped establish a reputation for the Burgundy sparkler in wine markets at home and abroad. We dissect the reasons for the wines’ success.
Are Bordeaux Cabernets under threat?
In around 2050, the Bordeaux wine region is likely to experience weather patterns similar to today’s climate in central Spain. Merlot is already in the hot spot, which obviously begs the question – will global warming affect other varieties such as the Cabernets (Franc and Sauvignon)? Their growing cycle at least could undergo profound changes, leading to transformations in style and structure. Gilbert & Gaillard travelled to the vineyards to find out more.