Wine Terroirs

Primeurs de Bordeaux: Haut-Médoc & Médoc 2021
These two extensive appellations cover almost the entire peninsula. By definition, they embrace fundamentally different configurations, with very distinctive vintage variation. We have been extremely selective in our choice of wines in a bid to only present the finest examples – at this stage – of a challenging vintage.
Good value Burgundy
For aeons, Burgundy’s Grands Crus, labels such as Montrachet, Romanée Conti or Chambertin with their often hefty price tags, have inspired wine enthusiasts the world over. But prestigious wines are not Burgundy’s only forte. We take a closer look at the lesser known side of the region’s wine range – the ‘generic’ Burgundies, which also have a terroir story to tell.
Catalonia’s location provides it with all the requisite ingredients to create a plethora of varied terroirs, and climates. The changing landforms, too, spawn myriad types of terrain and microclimates. Combined, their diversity has led to the emergence of one of Spain’s most interesting wine regions.
Roussillon sets its sights on the global market
Pyrenees-Orientales is France’s fifteenth largest wine region. Its dry and sweet wines draw on skills and an array of styles rarely seen elsewhere and they are the means by which Roussillon aims to conquer high-value markets outside the EU, whilst also remaining focused on trends.
Bordeaux devises ingenious ways to cope with a string of crises
Over the past few years, Bordeaux has had to contend with numerous challenges, ranging from ‘Bordeaux bashing’ in France to climate change, Brexit, the political crisis in Hong Kong, Trump taxes and the global pandemic. More than any other wine region, Bordeaux is France’s vinous showcase around the world, so how are markets performing in 2021 and what solutions have been devised to cope with these issues? To find out the real consequences of this string of crises, we interviewed a number of industry players. Here’s what they told us.
Languedoc weathers the (climate) storm
Preserving biodiversity, saving water resources, prioritising agro-forestry, choosing un-cloned vines and resistant varieties are all avenues being explored for countering weather hazards and safeguarding the environment. Winegrowers in Languedoc are experimenting with them all.
Jura, an incredible fusion of vineyard sites and grape varieties
Jura is one of only a handful of French wine regions where virtually all the grape varieties are native, except for Pinot noir and Chardonnay from its prestigious neighbour Burgundy. This perfect match between vineyard sites and grape varieties is the region’s trump card for consumers looking for quality, naturalness and subtle authenticity…