Wine Terroirs

Crémants d’Alsace play to their strengths
Crémants d’Alsace have been fashionable for a number of years and have achieved a skilful combination of outstanding vineyard sites and remarkable craftsmanship. Stemming from rigorous production procedures, the wines offer an appealing alternative to the legendary Champagne.
Revolution to Evolution: Charting the Future of Swartland Wines
From wheat farms to groundbreaking wine farms, traditional farmers to rebels with an old vine cause, the Swartland grew from being perceived as a relatively obscure winemaking region to a world phenomenon. To maintain their sustainable evolution and how they do business, the Swartland further evolved into a globally recognized hub for exceptional, terroir-driven wines and business models, adding to its success.
Sancerre, an appellation in its prime
Sitting high on its hillside, Sancerre keeps a watchful eye over the surrounding countryside with the quiet fortitude shared by the top appellations. This iconic wine region in the Centre-Loire region, renowned for its Sauvignon varietals, embodies a fascinating dichotomy – the simplicity of an internationally-renowned white wine appellation counterbalanced by an often underestimated tapestry of vineyard sites. In this feature report, we take a deep dive into Sancerre, exploring its quintessential traits, its modern-day challenges and the way in which this storied appellation continues to reinvent itself, fascinating both novices and connoisseurs alike.
Piedmont A kaleidoscope of grape varieties and vineyard sites
Piedmont is a region that has made wine its pride and joy, establishing itself as a renowned producer of high quality wines thanks to its most prominent appellations. And yet, not everyone is aware of the full variety of appellations and grape varieties that are available to Piedmont growers and wineries, akin to the range of colours and tones that Mediterranean artists have at their fingertips.
The new premium Champagne trend
The legendary Champagne is celebrated worldwide and epitomises French winemaking excellence. Among the high-end offerings geared to quality, brands and winegrowers have broadened their standard range to include unique labels that showcase both terroir and the art of winegrowing.
How Bordeaux is saving its globally renowned heritage
In France’s Bordeaux wine region, a sea-change is occurring. Faced with an unprecedented crisis worsened by Covid-19 and overproduction, the winegrowers of Bordeaux are navigating through choppy waters. However, financial difficulties and the need for innovation are galvanising both brands and chateaux into action in a bid to reshape the future of the wine market.
Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg, a story of heroic viticulture and ‘Rive’
Forty-three certified areas are entitled to use the quality statement Rive in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco region. This entitlement comes with specific restrictions, such as harvesting by hand and a cap on yields. We take a closer look at what the designation, which refers to the steep vineyard sites, implies for Prosecco wines.