AMKA GROUP : Looking to the long-term
What started off in 1978 as a hobby for Anna-Marie and Karsten Søndergaard, who sold wines to friends and family from their garage in a small village in Denmark, has evolved into a multi-million-bottle business spanning 9 North European countries. Their son and current AMKA CEO Frank Søndergaard outlines the company’s ethos and growth prospects across the region.
Romain Roux, born to be an entrepreneur!
You can’t help but like Romain Roux. Possibly a little gruff, by his own admission, but this immediately disappears behind his loquaciousness, his joviality and his ability to listen to others. After dreaming of a career in finance, he ultimately chose a job that brings him down to earth every day. And he certainly is not complaining.
Casa Santos Lima: Portugal's standard-bearer abroad
Founded in the late 19th century, Casa Santos Lima is a winery that predominantly exports Portuguese wines. So much so that it is one of Portugal’s largest exporters. After being passed down through five generations, it is now in the capable hands of José Luis Santos Oliveira da Silva, the current CEO, a man who puts his heart and soul into advancing this family-run project.
Don Rodrigo Cigars: tearing up rulebook
Patricia is Portuguese and now lives in Geneva, but her Don Rodrigo brand is named after her Spanish great-great-grandfather. We met an artist and entrepreneur with a love for life and people.