Wines with a story to tell Sigva AB’s motto is doing business with a sharp mind, a warm heart and no elbows. MD Pauline Wærn explains more.

The Sigva Beverage Group, one of Sweden’s oldest and largest wine importers, boasts an impressive line-up of partner producers, including Louis Max, Champagne de Castelnau, Quinta do Noval and New Zealand’s Saint Clair. They all have one thing in common: “25 years after the company was founded by father and son Stefan and Sigvard Christiansson, our highly motivated team still executes the original plan, which was to work with talented, passionate estates who we enjoy collaborating with”, explains managing director Pauline Wærn.


The group encompasses four different companies and lists around 50 wines in its assortment, rising to 100-150 for Horeca channels. It likes to work dynamically with its producers, varying its product range depending on the seasons or events, and also on a long-term basis, which Wærn feels is a win-win situation on both sides. Sigva also prides itself on its 360° perspective of the wine market in Sweden, supplying both the monopoly stores and Horeca outlets, which gives it unique insight into evolving consumer patterns and demand. 2020 has certainly been a rollercoaster year for the global wine market, though probably less in Sweden than elsewhere, but some new trends have certainly emerged. “People are spending more relaxed moments at home, cooking and enjoying wine, and they want to learn and communicate more about it”.


Through its 5,000-member wine club, frequent newsletters and online tastings, Sigva is bringing consumers and producers closer than ever together. It is also listening to their needs when it comes to endorsements, and its portfolio includes medal-winning wines from competitions such as the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge. “The Swedes are very fond of medals, recommendations and reviews and a Gilbert & Gaillard gold medal has a direct positive effect on sales. In one case, we actually identified a 30% increase in sales from one quarter to the next”.