Classic Beverage, a focus on sustainability and artisan wines

Classic Beverage was launched by Classic Fine Foods UK in June 2023 with the aim of expanding the company’s beverage portfolio. Jérôme Poussin, head of the beverage department, explains the company’s ethos, along with current trends in the UK market.

Tell us about the Group Classic Fine Foods. What is the concept?

As the only fine foods specialist to operate in 9 different countries across Europe, The Middle East, and Asia with 26 local offices and teams, Classic Fine Foods is uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled access to the best ingredients from across the globe, regardless of cuisine or cooking style. Since 2021, we have also supplied clients in new geographical areas including the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Islands to name a few, thanks to our brand new Classic Fine Foods International located in the heart of Rungis market in France.

Our mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style.

Through close partnerships with our selected suppliers, we deliver on demand, the highest quality ambient, fresh and frozen products to the best restaurants, hotels and pastry shops, and also supply the most prestigious department stores and gourmet food outlets. Classic Fine Foods’ success is based on the team’s finely honed spirit of entrepreneurship and the very close relationships it forms with customers and suppliers all over the world.


Tell us more about the recent development of Classic Beverage in the UK. When was it launched? Why was it launched?

Classic Beverage by Classic Fine Foods UK was launched in June 2023 because we wanted to expand our beverage selection at Classic Fine Foods UK and position ourselves as experts in this field by creating our own brand for this category. The Classic Beverage category has allowed the Classic Fine Foods UK team to expand their knowledge and be able to offer more to their customers.


What are your goals at Classic Beverage and what are your strengths?

At Classic Fine Foods our philosophy is simple – to bring you the very best from around the world.
At Classic Beverage we are always on the lookout for exceptional artisan wines, brands synonymous with quality, identity of terroir, reasoned production and moderate prices, which we can offer to our customers. We achieve this by building strong relationships with producers, thus enabling us to offer high quality wines to our customers.


What is wine’s share of your beverage portfolio and how do you source producers and products?

Wines represent 40% of our selection and we are still developing it, mainly within the European zone as well as with new-generation wines, using biodynamic methods. It is important that all our wine suppliers have sustainable practices, that they take great care of the environment, actively encourage and maintain healthy soils for their vines and use traditional methods in their winemaking. The sourcing is based on already-established relationships, within work and recommendations as well as family and friends. It was important to build Classic Beverage with close partners who share the same philosophy as us.


Regarding wine, what are the current trends in the UK and the go-to products?

There are several factors, and our clients are increasingly looking for wines produced sustainably – there are great environmental concerns and a desire for healthier products. They are also becoming more adventurous, exploring wines from lesser-known regions and grape varieties, and are willing to spend more on high-quality wines. The UK is a major world platform for wines, as you have access to any region across the world, although English sparkling wines, in particular, have been gaining recognition. The quality has been improving and they provide some great alternatives to other wines, such as Champagne…


Jérôme Poussin, head of the beverage department

Jérôme Poussin's wholehearted commitment often means that he even visits his spplier's vineyards.



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